About me

Hello! My name is Stig Møller Hansen. I am a researcher, designer, educator, and speaker working at the intersection of graphic design, programming, and pedagogy.

As Senior Associate Professor, PhD at the Danish Media and Journalism School (DMJX), and Head of Center for Design and Visual Communication, I am working with code, data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to help create synergy and development across the visual field, journalism, and the creative industry.

I work passionately to make programming a permanent part of all design schools’ curricula because I firmly believe that the ability to adapt their vocational skills to a computational context will be crucial for the visual designers of the future.

Based in Roskilde, Denmark, I work mostly in Copenhagen. But I regularly give both in-situ and online lectures, presentations, workshops, and courses at design schools, universities, organizations, and companies.

If you’re an educator teaching Creative Coding to designers, I’m happy to give a FREE online lecture about creative coding to your students.

Get in touch and we’ll figure something out.